Auto Collisions – Increase in Traffic Deaths

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Traffic deaths are up 14% nationally in the first six months of this year and injuries were up by a third, according to the National Safety Council.  In the first six months of this year almost 19,000 were killed in traffic collisions.  If this trend continues, there could be more than 40,000 traffic deaths this… Read more »

Auto-Truck Collisions – Driver Fatigue

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Truck driver fatigue is a problem for cars on our roads and highways.  Truck drivers rush to meet their delivery deadlines and they work overtime.  Often, they forgo sleep to accomplish their job.  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations have rules designed to insure that truck drivers get enough rest to avoid fatigue.  Unfortunately, many driver ignore… Read more »

Auto Collision Injuries – Radiculopathy

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Radiculopathy is a physical condition where one or more nerves are damaged or impinged.  The location of the injury is the nerve root of the nerve affected, usually close to where the nerve leaves the spinal cord.  Damage or pressure on the nerve can cause pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling feelings.  These sensations are felt… Read more »