Auto Accidents – Current and Long Term Costs

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It is common that persons injured in an auto collision do not give much thought to the financial costs of their injury.  Even with health insurance, there are co-pays and deductibles for: emergency room evaluations; doctors visits, hospital stays; surgeries; prescriptions; rehabilitation and physical therapy; travel expenses; and home modifications.  There are problems with lost… Read more »

Auto Accidents and LIens

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The purpose of a personal injury claim for an auto collision is to obtain compensation for the injured victim.  However, increasingly the compensation obtained, either by way of settlement or following a jury verdict, is reduced by the legal duty to pay a lien.  If your medical bills were paid by Kansas P.I.P. payments, the… Read more »

Medical Malpractice – Sepsis

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Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection.  Sepsis occurs when either the bacteria causing the infection enter the bloodstream or when toxins produced by the bacteria enter the bloodstream.  The bacteria, and the toxins they produce, cause an inflammatory response throughout the body.  The inflammatory progress can damage multiple organ systems in the… Read more »

Auto Collisions and Delayed Symptoms of Injury

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When you have been in an auto collision, it is normal that adrenaline will kick in and produce endorphins that limit the amount of pain you are experiencing.  This is the body’s way of managing stress.  Injured plaintiffs often tell the investigating police officer at the scene that they are fine and don’t need medical… Read more »