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In every claim for damages form an auto accident personal injury claim, your testimony and that of a health care provider is essential.  However, the most important witnesses may be from what lawyer call “lay witnesses.”  These are other family members, neighbors, co-workers, close friends and priests, ministers, or rabbis.  These people will have first hand knowledge of how the injury has impacted your life.  They are able to give examples and stories of what you could do before the injury but can’t do now.  These witnesses serve two essential purposes.  They are able to talk about the harm the injury caused you instead of you having to do so.  The less that you need to “complain” about the injury and its effect on you, the less a jury will think you are excessively complaining. Secondly, other than family members, these witnesses do not have a stake in the litigation.  There testimony is evaluated solely on the basis of the evidence they present and is not seen as biased or self-motivated.

When preparing a personal injury claim stemming from an automobile collision, assist your lawyer by preparing a list of witnesses that the lawyer can  interview.

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