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There are many actions we take that can harm a personal injury claim caused by an auto collision.  First, it is essential that the police be called to the scene of the collision.  This is true whether the collision is severe or minor.  It is also true whether you believe you have been injured or not. The police will investigate the cause of the collision and then prepare a report.  This report becomes a significant piece of evidence in establishing the fault of the driver that caused the collision.  Without this evidence it is very difficult to prove which party was negligent in causing the car wreck.

Second, if you fail to initially seek medical treatment it will be hard to prove the nature and extent of your injury.  Many people hope that they will not have an on-going injury.  Others do not want to pay for medical care.  If you do not seek medical care at the time of the injury, the insurance company, and potentially jurors, will assume that you were not injured in the collision.  You should make sure that you seek appropriate medical care and follow the instructions of your health care providers.

Third, you will harm your personal injury claim if you do not seek immediate legal advice. You should know your rights and let an experienced personal injury attorney assist you in the claims process.  Before your speak to the insurance adjuster for the other driver’s insurance company, find out from a personal injury attorney if you should do so.  It is also important to seek representation of a personal injury attorney quickly so that your lawyer can investigate the collision and preserve any evidence that will assist in your claim.

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