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Where it is obvious that the vehicle collision is severe, witnesses may have called 911 and an ambulance is sent.  When  the police officer arrives on the scene, he will usually ask if you are hurt and need medical attention.  If there is even the slightest doubt in your mind about whether you have been injured, you should let the police officer you need medical attention.

Many times you may not realize at the scene of the collision that you have been injured.  When the body goes through the trauma of a collision it can result in a shock-like condition that is a protective mechanism.  The trauma of a car wreck causes a rush of adrenaline so that you don’t realize the severity of any pain from an injury.  There are also injuries that do not become apparent until hours or days afterwards.  This is particularly true of neck and back injuries.  After the shock and adrenaline rush wear off, you may begin to experience pain.  Of you may wake up the next morning in pain.  It is important for your health, and also for any personal injury claim, that you seek immediate medical attention.  If the pain is severe you can go to an emergency room, an urgent care center, or try to get in to see your primary care physician that day.  Do not assume that your injuries will clear up in time.

There are even injuries, like a herniated intervertebral disc, that may not become apparent for weeks or months.  Usually you will experience pain that gets worse.  When you first notice a change in pain you should contact your doctor to get a physical examination.

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