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There are numerous factors that go into determining the value of your case.  The first is the nature of your injury.  It is obvious that a broken bone, nerve injury, or traumatic brain injury is of greater value that a sprain or strain in your neck or low back or a short-term headache..  The value of your case also depends on the severity of your injury.  The more severe the injury the greater value your claim has.  Another factor is the ‘permanency’ of your injury.  For example, a headache from hitting your  head on the steering wheel that lasts a few days or weeks and then goes away has value but not significant value.  On the other hand, if you develop a traumatic migraine headache from hitting your head on the steering wheel that may last the rest of your life, the value of your personal injury claim is much greater.

Still another factor in the value of your case is how the injury impacts your ability to function.  If your back injury prevents you for performing your job duties, doing your activities of daily living, or enjoying your life, the value of your case is enhanced.

Finally, the economic damages that you suffer (medical expense and lost wages) must be factored in to the value of your claim to insure that you receive adequate compensation for your injury.

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