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Increasingly, bus accidents are making headlines in the news.  Bus collisions are dangerous because of the size/weight of the bus and the number of passengers riding in the bus.  For the last year in which there is data, 294 buses were involved in fatal accidents, 12,000 were involved in injury-causing collisions, and there were a total of 54,000 accidents.

Just this month bus accidents were reported as: a Chicago bus killed a pedestrian and injured seven others: a bus in Pennsylvania collided with a semi-truck killing the driver and injuring passengers; a Texas collision involving a bus, SUV and semi-tractor killed two persons and injured ten; a Connecticut bus accident seriously injured a number of passengers when the bus swerved and hit a tree; and a Maine bus collided with a car killing the driver and injured the bus driver.  These are just a few examples of the increasing number of collisions involving collisions.

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