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Each year there are over 15 million truck driving on the highways and streets of the U.S.  Every year there are almost 500,000 truck collisions in this country.  Approximately 500,000 truck collisions result in fatalities and another 106,000 people are injured.  Pursuing a claim for personal injury resulting from a collision caused by a semi-truck is significantly different than a collision with two cars.  First, because of the size and weight of the truck, the injuries and damages from a collision involving a tractor-trailer are usually more severe.  Second, the cause of a collision caused by a semi-truck are often different than a collision involving two cares.  Third, there are additional safety laws that apply to large commercial vehicles.  Drivers of commercial trucks must not only follow the traffic laws of the state in which they are driving but they must also comply with the regulations issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  The regulations issued by the FMCSA can be found by clicking here.

The success of your personal injury claim against a truck driver and the trucking company may well depend on knowledge of these trucking regulations.  If you are pursuing a personal injury claim against a trucking company it is essential that you retain an attorney will experience in trucking litigation.

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