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Kansas has ‘no-fault’ insurance.  Included with your automobile liability insurance are Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits.  One of the PIP benefits available to you, if you have been injured in an auto collision and your injury forces you to lose time/wages from work, is PIP Lost Wage benefits.  Your auto insurance company will pay you up to 85% or your regular weekly wage rate, or a maximum of $900 each month.  This is the minimum amount of lost wage benefits.  You can purchase additional PIP coverage and you should check with your insurance agent to determine how much lost wage benefits you will be entitled to.  PIP lost wage benefits can be paid for up to twelve months.  To obtain these benefits you should contact your auto insurance agent and ask that PIP benefit forms be sent to you.  You will need to have your treating physician complete the forms and then return the signed forms to your insurance company.

There are PIP benefits in addition to your lost wages.  These include: medical ($4500); rehabilitation ($4500); substitution – that replaces household services you have paid someone to perform ($25 a day for up to 365 days); funeral ($2000); and survivors benefits – to replace the deceased’s lost wages ($900 per month)

If you have been injured in a Kansas auto collision and would like more information regarding Personal Injury Protection benefits available to you, you can request a copy of Mike’s book, The Kansas & Missouri Auto Accident Victim’s Guidebook, by clicking here or you can call Mike at 913-789-7477 to request a free consultation.

Additional information about Kansas Personal Injury Protection benefits and PIP lost wage benefits can be found at the Kansas Department of Insurance by clicking here.