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If you are a Kansas resident and are injured in an auto collision, you have medical benefits from your own automobile insurance to pay for treatment of your injuries.  As a No-Fault state, Kansas requires auto insurance companies to provide Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits.  One of those benefits is for medical treatment.  At a minimum, you have $4,500.00 in medical benefits to use for your care.  You can purchase additional PIP medical coverage above the $4,500.00 minimum.  If you are not sure how much PIP medical coverage you have, call your insurance agent who can tell you what amount of coverage you have.  To obtain these benefits, call your insurance agent and ask for the PIP forms that you will submit to the health care provider.

PIP medical benefits cover treatment for: ambulance services; hospitals; physicians; psychologists; chiropractors; laboratory tests and x-rays; dentists; prosthetics; and in-home nursing services.

You are required to use your PIP medical benefits first.  After exhausting the $4,500.00, or more if you have greater benefits, you can then submit any bills for medical care to your health insurer.  Kansas law requires that, upon receiving compensation from the other driver’s insurance company, you re-pay your insurance company.  However, if the value of your claim exceeds the amount of automobile liability coverage that the negligent driver had, repayment of the PIP medical benefits can be waived.

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