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Medical payments (MedPay) benefits is an option in our automobile liability insurance to be used if you were injured in an auto collision.  It can be purchased in any amount, usually starting with $2,000.00, although it is routine to purchase more coverage.  If you are not sure whether you have MedPay benefits with your insurance, or do not know how much coverage you have, you can contact your insurance agent to get answers to these questions.

Medical payment benefits can be used to pay medical bills for you, any member of your family, or any passenger in your car.  If you were the passenger in a vehicle involved in a collision, the MedPay benefits will come from the car owner’s insurance. If you were a pedestrian struck by a car, your car insurance will provide MedPay benefits for your treatment.

Even if your medical bills are being paid by your health insurance, MedPay benefits can be used to supplement your health insurance coverage.  MedPay benefits can be used to pay any amount not covered by your health insurance or for any co-pays you have with a health care provider.

Unlike Kansas PIP medical benefits, there is no require that you reimburse your insurance company at the time you recover compensation for your claim.

If you would like further information regarding insurance coverage for personal injuries you sustained in an auto collision, you can request a copy of Mike’s book, The Kansas & Missouri Auto Accident Victim’s Guidebook by clicking here, or you can call Mike at 913-789-7477 to schedule a free consultation.