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As seen by the U.S. Department of Justice creation of nursing home neglect/abuse task force, many nursing homes fail to provide the proper care their residents deserve.  A congressional study found that almost 33 percent of nursing homes committed some form of abuse or neglect over a two year period of time.

There are warning signs that your loved one may not be receiving the level of care they are entitled to.  First, you should look for any harmful physical effects.  Evidence of neglect includes: sudden weight loss; unexplained injuries; bedsores; bruising; and dehydration.  Should you notice of these signs, you should investigate.  Second, proper care demands adequate staffing levels.  If you observe a consistent lack of enough staff to care for your loved one, you should contact the nursing home administrator.  If your loved one begins to display emotional changes, such as agitation, depression, or withdrawal, you should speak to your loved one and ask if there is something wrong. Finally, if you consistently get the impression that your loved one is not being properly cared for, of if there is a bad feeling about the home and its staff, you should consider a transfer to another nursing home.

If a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of nursing home neglect and you are interested in pursuing a claim, please contact Mike at 913-789-7477 to request a free consultation.