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For decades talcum powder was marketed, particularly to women, for genital use.  In 1971, researchers found talc in 75% of the cervical tumors they studied.  In 1982, a researcher concluded that women who use talcum powder could be three times as likely to develop ovarian cancer.  By the year 2000 another ten epidemiological (medical science of determining cause of a disease) studies have found a link between use of talc and cancer.

From 1971 through today the manufacturers of talc have continued to dispute the evidence of a relationship between baby powder and cancer and have continued to market talc without any warning of the risk of its use.

Currently, there over a 1000 cases filed against filed against Johnson & Johnson alleging talcum powder caused ovarian cancer. Within a four month period of time in 2016, Missouri juries returned verdicts of $72 million and $55 million against baby powder manufacturers.

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